Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can edit every single element.Dr. Reshetar works with every professional individually to address specifically your challenges and questions concerning diagnosing and prescribing, and review your cases you wish to review and get help on?

Absolutely. Dr. Reshetar will review with you every case you found most challenging and provide consultation and support.

After the free 10 minutes phone assessment, you and Dr. Reshetar will set up a mutually convenient time/date for consultation and after payment received you will be emailed a ZOOM link. All consultations done live between you and Dr. Reshetar on ZOOM.

The consultation is $150 per hour. You may book 1 or 2 hours depends how many cases/questions you have?

Just fill out the form with your name, number and select day and time and dr. Reshetar will call you for the 10 minutes free assessment.